T.C. Gibbs, Chronicles of USAF Staff Sergeant



Principal person: T.C. Gibbs
Position: Air gunner (nose turret) B-24 bomber
Unit: US Army Air Force
Plaats van handeling: Air war over Europe
Periode: September 1942 Ė October 1945

The memories of Staff Sergeant T.C. Gibbs have been made available to Go2War2.nl by Dennis Notenboom and have been subsequently copied into typing by Bram Boonstra and Marloes de Krom.

Originally the chronicles have been edited for his descendants and demonstrate a remarkable good memory for facts and figures. The very readable story provides a good impression of what the American war efforts demanded of their Forces. They were very well trained and were subsequently put into active service far away from home. Gibbs provides an insight of the involvement of a care free youngster with his homeland and with the demanding tasks that he was required to perform.

It is a story well worth reading and the part about his bomber aircraft being shot down near the Dutch coast brings him very close to our readers. He is captured by the German forces in the occupied territory of the Dutch province of Zeeland, after the whole ten men strong aircrew of the Liberator has parachuted to a safe landing.

In 2007 T.C. Gibbs was invited by Dennis Notenboom to come and visit the Netherlands. At the meeting at the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the STIWOT foundation, he provided a lecture on his experiences during the war.

Until his death he lived together with his wife Anne in the USA in Tupelo, Mississippi. He died on 9 December 2013 at the age of 92.

 Nederlandse vertaling: T.C. Gibbs in het Nederlands

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Staff-Sergeant T.C. Gibbs, January 1943.


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