Gifford B. Doxsee, the experiences of a POW



Principal person: Gifford B. Doxsee
Unit: Headquarters company, 3rd Battallion,
423rd Infrantry Regiment, 106th Infantry Division
Location of action: Belgian-German border
Period: June 1943 - November 1945

The following eyewitness account has been written by Gifford B. Doxsee about 20 years ago. He was born in the U.S in 1924 and served during World War II in the 106th InFantry Division . His division was to be sent to a 'quiet' sector of the front. A short while after the division appeared at the front, the Germans launched their wellknown 'Battle of the Bulge' in December 1944.

This chronicles will essentially be about Mr. Doxsee's experiences during the 'Battle of the Bulge' and his time as a prisoner of war.

For two years a member of STIWOT has maintained intensive contact with Mr. Doxsee. Partly because of this contact the eyewithness account is made available to STIWOT. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Doxsee again for making his story available to us.

 Nederlandse vertaling: Gifford B. Doxsee in het Nederlands


Military unit, usually consisting of one upto four regiments and usually making up a corps. In theory a division consists of 10,000 to 20,000 men.
Largest Soviet ground formation. It was attached to a certain area which gave its name to the units involved. For instance the Voronezh front.
Foot soldiers of a given army.
Part of a division. A division divided into a number of regiments. In the army traditionally the name of the major organised unit of one type of weapon.

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Gifford B. Doxsee in March 1944


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