British troops in the Netherlands in May 1940



On Friday the 10th of May, 1940, the Dutch neutrality was ravaged when the German armies attacked our country. The Dutch army was insufficiently trained and equipped to counter the German invasion. Without help from outside it would be a battle without the slightest chance. This help from abroad did arrive. Not only from the French, who fought in the province of Noord-Brabant, but also from the British. During the days in May 1940 British troops were active in several places the Netherlands, but mainly in Hook of Holland. The arrival of our allies enhanced the optimism both amongst the Dutch forces and amongst their country fellow men. Together with the British it ought to be possible to beat the Germans. But the British had not come to start a counter offensive.

This article has originally been published in the magazine ďWereld in OorlogĒ This Dutch magazine publishes remarkable, poignant and dramatic stories to illustrate important events, developments and military operations in the recent war history. With emphasis on the First and Second World Wars.

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Armed incursion.
Impartiality, absence of decided views, the state of not supporting or helping either side in a conflict.
Attack on a smaller or larger scale.

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British troops coming ashore at Hoek van Holland
(Source: Andere Tijden)


Translated by:
Fred Bolle
Article by:
Pieter Schlebaum
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