Bombardment of Nijmegen, February 22nd, 1944



Almost every Dutch person is familiar with the German bombing of Rotterdam in May 1940. In order to force the capitulation of the Dutch army, in the afternoon of May 14th, the Germans bombed the city of Rotterdam, resulting in approximately 800 deaths. However, far fewer people will be familiar with the American aerial bombardment of Nijmegen on February 22nd,1944, although this attack resulted in the same number of casualties or maybe even more.

The bombing of Nijmegen has never received the attention it deserved. For a long time, it even remained unclear, how this bombing could have happened. The general hypothesis is that it was a mistake, but there are still people who are convinced that the bombing was carried out deliberately. This paper describes what went wrong on February 22nd, 1944, which led to the bombing of Nijmegen. (An editorial is a commentary/lead article by the chief editor) Also the effects of the bombing will be looked at in further detail.

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German propaganda about the American bombardement of Nijmegen
(Source: Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam)


Translated by:
Chrit Houben
Article by:
Wesley Dankers
Published on:
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