Raid on House of Detention in Leeuwarden



During the occupation of the Netherlands, resistance groups made several attempts to free comrades arrested by the Germans. Raids like these were very risky. The prisons were kept under close watch by the Germans; because of this it was very difficult to gain entrance. In 1944 in Amsterdam, for example, several attempts were made to raid the House of Detention on the Weteringschans. None of them were successful and that (indirectly) meant the death of a number of prominent resistance fighters, among them Gerrit Jan van der Veen and Johannes Post.

However, there were also successes. On the 11th of June, 1944 an assault group in Arnhem succeeded in freeing over 50 prisoners from the locally based House of Detention (see: Liepke Scheepstra). Another successful raid took place in Leeuwarden. Here the Frisian resistance succeeded in freeing 51 people in the night of the 8th of December, 1944. This article tells the story of this daring act of resistance.


Fast military raid in enemy territory
Resistance against the enemy. Often also with armed resources.

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The Blokhuispoort nowadays, the spot where the raid took place.
(Source: Melda Wiwaba)


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Marc Westhoeve
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Wesley Dankers
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