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In a time when Great Britain was going through its darkest period, there was only one man who could lead the nation through it: Winston Churchill. Churchill was, in spite of his stubborn and tactless disposition, an excellent strategist who knew how to motivate people at the right time. Able to command the respect of Roosevelt, Churchill received support from the United States, without directly involving them in the war. And he was the man who, in spite of his distaste for communism, realised that Britain needed to embrace Stalin as an ally after the German invasion of the Soviet Union.

It was the determination of this man that ensured that Great Britain did not fall prey to the German lust for power. It is also unsurprising that Winston Churchill was voted the greatest Britain of all time by the British public in 2002.


Political ideology originating from the work of Karl Marx ďDas KapitalĒ written in 1848 as a reaction to the so-called class struggle between the proletariat (labourers) and the bourgeoisie. According to Marx the proletariat would take over power from the well-to-do classes though a revolution. The communist movement aspires an ideal situation where the means of production and the means of consumption are common property of all citizens. This should end poverty and inequality (communis = common).
Armed incursion.
Soviet Union
Soviet Russia, alternative name for the USSR.

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