Grese, Irma



The name of Irma Grese is less well known than that of Rudolph Höss, Josef Kramer or many other names of persons that left their black mark on the history of the Holocaust. Yet she was one of the most infamous female war criminals of that era. She belonged to a relative small group of women that had served in the camps and that were executed by hanging after the war for war crimes. She was the youngest woman to be executed by the British in the 20th century and the youngest camp guard ever to be executed by hanging.


Term for the destruction of European Jewry by the Nazis. Holokauston is the Greek term for a completely burnt sacrifice.
war crimes
Crimes committed in wartime. Often concerning crimes committed by soldiers against civilians.

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Irma Grese


Translated by:
Peter ter Haar
Article by:
Robert Jan Noks
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