The rise of the Third Reich



The rise of the Third Reich will be unveiled in this article, the central question being: "How did the Nazis manage to establish a dictatorship in Germany within a short timespan and with little actual opposition from the population?" It is not the intention to describe the history of the N.S.D.A.P. in detail. To that end, reference is made to the specific article about this party.

We will rather be looking at events and ideas that made the rise and growth of Nazism possible. It is remarkable that his occurred specifically in Germany: anno 1900 Germany was one of the most dynamic and progressive countries in the world. The country was considered the European role model for change and growth. Anti-Semitism was no worse than elsewhere in Europe and Germany was a solid and constitutional state. Yet an ideology emerged that would shake Europe to its very foundations. How was that possible?


A form of government where the power in a country is in the hands of one person, the dictator. Originally a Roman regime in case of an emergency where total power would rest with one person during six months in order to face a crisis.
A collection of principles and ideas of a certain system.
Abbreviation of national socialism.

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Hitler greeting his partycomrades and followers during one of the many grand meetings.


Translated by:
Arnold Palthe
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Gerd Van der Auwera
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