Gaulle, Charles de



He was one of the few French military who was not discouraged by the capitulation of France. Initially, he and just a few followers decided to continue the struggle from England. Later on he received more and more support; as the leader of the Free French he managed to free the colonial empire from the Vichy regime and he made France one of the larger Allied powers.

After World War Two, he was elected President of France and he just managed to prevent civil war from breaking out. Numerous attempts on his life were made but he died of natural causes in 1970. The French population named him the greatest Frenchman of all time. His name: Charles de Gaulle.


Agreement between fighting parties concerning the surrender of a country or an army.

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Charles de Gaulle (1890-1970), leader of the Free French, around 1942.


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Arnold Palthe
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Wesley Dankers
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