Bader, Douglas


Douglas Bader has not been forgotten in Great-Britain and beyond. In 1982, family and friends founded the Douglas Bader foundation. In Great Britain, it is dedicated to persons missing one or more limbs.

On August 9th, 2001, the 60th anniversary of his last combat mission, a statue was unveiled in Westhampnett (West Sussex) by his widow Joan in memory of Bader. One of Baderís artificial legs is part of the collection of the R.A.F. museum in Hendon. Another was sold at an auction in February 2008. In New Zealand, near Auckland International Airport, a street has been named after him. Various schools in Auckland also carry Baderís name. At his retirement from the R.A.F., Air Marshall James Robb, at the time commander of Fighter Command wrote: "All I can say is that you have set an example that will turn into a legend in the course of the years."

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Statue of Douglas Bader in Westhampnett.


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Arnold Palthe
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Wesley Dankers
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