Morell, Theodor

Childhood and study


Theodor Gilbert Morell was born July 22nd, 1886 in Trais-MŁnzenberg in Hessen. He was almost three years older than his future, famous patient Adolf Hitler. His father was a teacher at a primary school, his mother came from a prosperous agricultural family from Hessen. Theodor had an elder brother Adolf and a younger sister Emilie. Adolf died of a stroke on November 1944 at the age of 61.

As a child, Theodor suffered from recurring stomach cramps but that did not prevent him from excelling as a student later on at secondary school. When his diploma was handed to him on February 16th, 1907, a note was added to the effect he had not had to take oral exams owing to his excellent achievements that year and to the quality of his written work. From the age of 16 to 19 he was trained as a teacher in Friedberg near Frankfurt am Main, subsequently he taught for a year in Bretzenheim near Mainz and afterwards he graduated in medicine at the University of Heidelberg with top marks. Next he went to France and studied medicine in Grenoble and parasitology in Paris. Thedor was also student guest at the Institut díAccouchement Tornier. He returned to Munich in 1910. He received good reviews of a few scientific essays on immunology and psychiatry. In 1913 he wrote a dissertation on gyneacology, earning his physicianís certificate.

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Theodor Morell
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