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Even today, the Englandspiel is still considered one of the great mysteries of World War Two in the Netherlands. Between March 1942 and May 1943, dozens of agents, dropped by the British, fell in German hands right after landing on Dutch territory. They were deployed in a plan (Spiel) set up by the Germans giving the impression they were still operating in freedom while the British continued sending secret agents and material to the Netherlands. What was going on? Were the British secret services victims of a German deception or were the Germans being deceived themselves? What were the causes of the British incompetence? How could it take so long before the British found out what was really happening?


ďEngland gameĒ. The game, ironic as it may sound, of espionage and counter espionage between the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) and the Nazis. This ďgameĒ resulted in the death of approximately 54 allied spies.

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Between March 1942 and May 1943 dozens of agents have been dropped over Dutch territory by the British.
(Source: jelterep.nl)


Translated by:
Arnold Palthe
Article by:
Wesley Dankers
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