Liebehenschel, Arthur



There are some among the camp commanders whose names are familiar to many such as Rudolph HŲss and Joseph Kramer. A commander who has drawn less attention was Arthur Liebehenschel. Initially he made an inconspicuous career in the SS as a typical bureaucrat and he played an important role in setting up and expanding the system of concentration camps. More or less against his will he was appointed commander of Auschwitz I (Stammlager or main camp) in November 1943. Subsequently he had the questionable honor of being the last commander of Majdanek. According to witnesses, life as a camp commander was difficult for him. He did not have the ruthless, cold reputation of his predecessor in Auschwitz, Rudolph HŲss. Nonetheless, Arthur Liebehenschel would end up on the gallows in Krakow.


Concentration camp nearby the Polish city of Lublin. Originally a POW camp. From 1942 an extermination camp.

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Translated by:
Arnold Palthe
Article by:
Robert Jan Noks
Published on:
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